Mahindra Rise
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unique features

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  • Unmatched
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  • 750 kg Payload
  • 20.01 Kw @ 3800 r/min (27 hp) Power
  • 23.35 Mileage
  • Positive Ignition CNG engine or
    SI engine (Spark ignition) engine
  • 4-Farword and 1- Reverse
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Mahindra Supro Minitruck CNG SPECIFICATION
Specification Description Mahindra Supro Minitruck CNG
Engine Type Positive Ignition CNG engine or SI engine (Spark ignition)
No of cylinders 2
Displacement Capacity (cm3) 909
Maximum Engine Output (Power) 20.Dl Kw lgl 3BDD r/min (27 hp)
Maximum Torque 60 Nm 1g12000 r/min
Transmission No of Gears 4-Farword and 1-Reverse
Steering Type Manual
Suspension Front Leaf spring 
Rear Leaf spring 
Brake Type Vacuum Assisted Hydraulic with Auto Adjuster
Front Disc
Rear Drum
Dimensions (mm) Over all vehicle Dimension L X W X H (mm) 3927 X 1540 X 1900
Cargo Bax Dimension L X W X H (mm) 22B5 X 1540 X330
Wheel Bose (mm) 1950
Min Ground Clearance (mm) 158
Weights (kg) Gross vehicle weight (kg) 1850
Payload (kg) 750
Wheels & Tyres Wheel Rim Size 4JX 12
Tyre Size Designation 145 Rl2,BPR
Max Speed (lcm/h) 70 km/h
Seating Capacity D + 1
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) CNG tank - Water capacity 45L & 30L
Mileage (km/kg)* 23.35
Warranty 3 Years/80 000 km